What class should I register my child in? Please read our Class Descriptions here.

When does registration begin? Watch our facebook, twitter and Registration page for exact dates

per session. The on-line Uplifter registration site usually becomes active as of 10 am the first day. Many programs fill up quickly and will disappear as they fill. 

What are the age requirements? Your child must be the age required for the class within 14 days of the first class or they will be moved. This is for insurance reasons. Class Descriptions are listed here.

Are there any additional costs at the time of registration? You will be required to ensure your Alberta Gymnastics Federation (AGF) insurance fees are up to date. This insurance is mandatory to participate, and covers gymnasts from July 1-June 30. As well, there is a minimal service fee charged by Uplifter when you complete your registration. The amount is dependent on the cost of your registration and will show before you pay. 

I am attempting to register online but I don't have a promo code. How can I continue? A promo code is not required in order to complete your registration. The promo code is only used if you are registering 3 siblings and would like to receive the family discount which is available when you register 3 or more children within a household.

Am I required to do fundraising? As a Not for Profit organization under the Minor Sports Association, we require parent assistance to keep our cost down. Therefore with each session our recreational programs will be provided with fundraising options. Your efforts are appreciated, but not mandatory in our goal of moving towards yet a larger facility as we continue to grow.

What should my child wear/bring?

  • Tied back hair

  • Bare feet or gymnastics slippers - warts must be properly covered with medical tape, bandaids or gymnastics slippers

  • Bodysuit OR shorts/sweatpants and tight fitting t-shirt

  • NO socks / buttons / zippers / strings / jewelry

  • Plastic Water bottle


New body suits are available in the gym for purchase from "Saucy's World" - Inquire as availability varies.


Where do the gymnasts store their belonging during class? As you enter at the back of the gym, there are shoe/boot racks and hooks available for outerwear. Participants will be given a bucket upon entry to put personal belongings into.

Fire and safety codes require that the entrance way floor remains clear at all times, so we ask that everyone do their part in places items out of the way where space is provided.

Am I required to stay and watch? Where am I allowed to watch my child from? 

You may stay and watch your child in the downstairs viewing room. There is no viewing for tot programs upstairs at this time.

What happens if I want to register my child for gymnastics after classes have stated? We can register children for a couple weeks after the session has started, please contact admin to register your child.

What if my child does not want to continue with gymnastics after they have attended no more than 2 classes? Refunds will be available only if the request is made by email at admin before the end of the second class. The refund will be based on the total fee minus the fee for the number of classes attended and a 10 % administrative charge for the entire class fee, up to $50. We can not refund insurance or Uplifter service fees once the classes have started. Please note that our competitive (gymnastics and acro) programs have a separate refund policy, which can be found in the competitive parents handbook.

What if my child is injured while participating in gymnastics or is unable to continue for medical reasons?
A note from a doctor must be provided. A refund will be issued based on the number of remaining classes; AGF fees and fundraising fees will not be refundable; Fort Gymnastics will retain a 10% administrative charge to process the refund.

What are the rules of the gym?
Disrespect to the coaches and/or class mates will not be tolerated. If a child or parent uses unacceptable language or actions, the parent will be informed. If this behaviour continues, the child may be asked to withdraw, without refund. The entrance way must be kept clear. As this is our fire exit, footwear must remain in the shoe rack. As per our insurance coverage, non-registered parents/sibling are not allowed in the gym area during class time.

What steps are taken for misbehaviour or bullying?
As a member of the Minor Sports Association, all families agree to the Zero Tolerance Policy upon registration. The policy of FGC is to work with the athletes and their families to ensure that disciplinary issues are handled as deemed necessary by the coaches. Step 1 is to inform the class as a group that the behaviour is unacceptable. Step 2 is to speak with the individual families. Step 3 is to remove the child from the class for the rest of the day. Step 4, if this behaviour continues, is expulsion from the session without refund.


What is the policy regarding siblings in the gym during parented classes?

For parented programs siblings, including infants, are NOT permitted to be in the gym. This is as per AGF's policy. Classes should be a parent/child experience with the parent’s undivided attention. The parent is required to be actively supervising and assisting their child throughout the circuits. Children in strollers or car seats on the sidelines or in the viewing area are considered unattended and not allowed.

Can I be part of the Parent Board of Directors?
ABSOLUTELY. We elect board positions every spring at the Annual General Meeting. 

How is the gymnastics club being kept clean and safe for my child during Covid-19?

We have implemented many new rules for the safety of everyone in the gymnastics club. When a new session begins, every participant must fill out a session screening form. Before entering the gym, the participants name and time is to be written on the attendance sheet, along with the agreement that they are entering without covid symptoms. This will be saved incase we are needing to contact any families. Once class ends, the gym, viewing room, bathrooms,  handles, etc. are all cleaned. All participants are required to follow all rules of the gym while in the gymnastics building, which will be explained to them on their first entrance in to the building. Any child or adult that doesn't follow the rules will be asked to leave the building and not allowed to return at this time. To remain open the gymnastics club has to abide by many rules mandated by the Government of Alberta and Alberta Gymnastics Federation. If you have any further questions about Covid 19 and our rules, please contact admin.

What is the rules of missed classes in a session?

If your child has to miss any class time due to sickness or other obligations, we will not issue a refund or make up those classes.


If we have to cancel classes for two weeks or less due to Covid 19 reasons, Fort Gymnastics will make up those classes at the end of the session. If a make up class is not able to be offered, a credit will be put on your account. No refunds will be given. If the gymnastics club has to close completely (longer than 2 weeks) due to Covid 19, we will issue refunds for all classes remaining in the session that is running. There are no exceptions to this rule.