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Fort Gymnastics endeavours to offer ALL of the programs listed at the links below each and ever session; however, due to coaches' schedules, classes running each day, etc., it may not be possible to offer all the programs. Please see the session schedule for actual classes available for a session.


**There is also no upstairs parent viewing at this time (Tot, Tiny Tot, Jr Rec).

***Please note that for parented programs siblings are NOT permitted to be in the gym.  This is as per AGF's policy: "The sibling is usually in a baby sling or similar type device. This is a safety issue, potentially interfering with the training of the child, not to mention the risk to the infant sibling. Classes should be a parent/child experience with the parent’s undivided attention." Parents are required to actively supervise and assist their child throughout the circuits. 

Member clubs should also be advised that children in strollers or car seats on the sidelines or in the viewing area are considered to be unattended and, as such, pose a great risk to the organization. Liability with respect to injury suffered by a minor is very strict and very difficult to defend against. Providing any form of childcare or supervision for these children by the club whether it be expressed or implied is an unsanctioned AGF activity and therefore NOT covered by the AGF insurance policy. "



Click for class descriptions:

Parented and un-parented preschool programs (18 months to 5 years)

Recreational programs (Ages 6+)

Tumbling/Acro programs (Ages 6+)

Pre-competitive programs (Ages 4-11)

There are NO classes or drop-in on the following dates:

October 11, Thanksgiving Day

November 7 - 12, Fall Break

December 22 - January 4, Christmas Break

February 21, Family Day

March 28 - April 1, Spring Break 

April 15 - 18, Easter Weekend

May 23, Victoria Day

The extended competitive schedule is on the Comp page.

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