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Acrobatic Gymnastics dates back to ancient Egypt, and the name comes from the Greek acrobateo, meaning to rise or go forth. The discipline requires courage and stamina, while demanding flexibility and skill. Acrobatic Gymnastics (ACRO) favours body control in various positions, both on the ground and in the air. 


The exercises are done on a 12m x 12m floor and must include a combination of choreography, collective acrobatic elements (holds, throws, catches) and individual acrobatic elements (floor acrobatic series), all in perfect synchronization.

Email operations director to register for assessment. NO EXPERIENCE necessary and everyone is welcome!!!


All costume, competition, body suit, track suit, insurance, fundraising and ticket deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. 

Class fees are refundable for various reasons: 

Injury incurred AT GYMNASTICS - with dr. note, anything more than two weeks will be refunded. Anything less than two weeks will not be refunded (i.e. - injury occurs and the child misses one week, no refund/full payment is due. Child misses three weeks, one week will be refunded/not charged).

Injury incurred OUTSIDE GYMNASTICS - with dr. note, anything more than one month will be refunded/not due. Anything less than one month will not be refunded (i.e. - injury occurs and child is missing six weeks of gymnastics, the final two weeks will be refunded/not charged).

Moving/no longer wishing to remain in the program - payment is due to the end of the month following when notice was given (i.e - notice given November 4, December 1 payment will be the final payment owing).

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